Best Knife Set Reviews 2017- Top 5

The 5 best knife set reviews have been brought up here for your consideration. If you love your time in kitchen, you would know how much the best knife set adds joy to your day. Actually, according to our research, there are plenty of best knife sets on the market, and it is not difficult to find them. The problem is how to find your favorite one quickly. As for use to answer the question, we have gone through various knife sets available, we have reviewed many of them along with the customer reviews given. As from the long hour work on that, we are confident that the following 5 best knife set reviews contains your favorite one. But, only you know it the best. Thus, you might spend a few minutes checking out the list, and you will see if any one of them is your kind. Talking about the quality and design, they are among the best and popular ones.

1.Knife Set with Wooden Block 13 Piece

The first best knife set is this 13 piece design. Coming with the wooden block, the knife set has a lot of pieces which all of them are necessarily for your cooking work. However, for the blades, it is made with good thickness along with elite design that will serve you the best. In that, it has a good ergonomic design of the handle which allows you to hold and chop things well and easy. Basically, all the knives in this set are made from 420 grade stainless steel. This is an extremely good material to use for the knife production, and it then ensures a high quality and durability for you. And, again, it has the rubber wood block coming along. Thus, you should be able to organize and place them safely in your kitchen. More importantly, these knives are going to stay sharp for long, and you will be extremely delightful about the decision to bring the set home. And, finally, they are affordable.

2.Premium Class Stainless Steel Kitchen 6 Piece Knives Set

The second best knife set to recommend is this Premium set. The set is made from stainless steel materials, and it contains 6 pieces in one. As the knives are stainless steel, they are extremely high for the quality, and among the 6 pieces, it contains various knives including the 8 inch knife for bread, 8 inch knife for carving knife, and the 5 inch utility knife. Along with the knives, there is an acrylic stand, and users will find it very comfortable and convenient for the storing. Talking about the overall design, the knife set is nicely made with attractive look. Just like you can see in the picture, many people have loved the look so much. However, if you really get this knife set home, it worth noticing that it is not recommended to clean these knives with dishwasher. Hand wash does much better to the knives.

3.Chef Essential 7 Piece Knife Block Set

Third best knife set is this Chef Essential design. Coming with the block, the set has 7 pieces. And it serves for diverse purposes. Among all the seven pieces, there are the 8 inch chef knife, slicing knife, bread knife, utility knife, santoku knife and the paring knife. Basically, all these knives in the set are made from carbon stainless steels for the blade. It thus is strong, durable, and very good to use in kitchen. In addition, it features the non slip grip in the handle. It is soft, and you will like touching it. Regarding the blade, it has a razor sharp edge that serves your slicing or chopping extremely well. Moreover, the set is very easy to clean for your next use. Lastly, the set comes with lifetime warranty. You should thus be so confident with the set.

4.CookDazzle 14-piece Knife Set and Wood Block

This fourth best knife set is the CookDazzle. It contains 14 pieces and a wooden block. This set is another lovely choice we have found, and it is extremely popular according to the customer review. Among the 14 pieces, 12 are designed for cutlery and steak, and the other two are the heavy duty kitchen scissors and block. Basically, it has all to serve for a different purpose for the kitchen work. Also, all the knives are produced with great craftsmanship from stainless steels for the blade. It is going to stay sharp for long while the whole set is going to last well. About the look, as you could see in the picture above, these knives are well design with elegant appearance. They can be used at home or by a professional. Lastly, it has good pine wood block with strong construction to help you organize the pieces well.

5.14 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Professional Kitchen Knife Block Set

This last set is the cutlery professional kitchen knife set. This contains beautiful knives with very good construction. The pieces included are 14, and they are for different uses in kitchen. In short, they could be used to serve your different cooking work. There is the 8 inch chef, 8 inch bread knife, 5 inch utility knife, and more for steak along with sharpener and kitchen scissors. For the overall quality of the set, they are absolutely brilliant by its premium stainless steel. It is, at the same time, going to last long by its smart durability. On the other hand, the knives have very good handle design. It is comfortable and easy to hold. With its modern design, the set is even more interesting to those who love their cooking. In short, this set is a lovely option, and you would know by now if you love this.

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