Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews 2017 – Top 5

It is very dangerous to drive and use your smartphone at the same time. However, the best solution is to have one best motorcycle phone mount to help. As you are here, you know exactly how it is going to help. As well, you might be looking for one. Yes, the suggested options below will help you find your great motorcycle phone mount. Only the top 5 have been selected to review in the following list. They are really among the best and popular ones we have found. They have been made from high quality materials, and they have a good secure grip to make sure the phone stay there at all time. If you want to find one quick, we highly recommend you spend a few minutes go through all of them and further check for more details on the design you feel most interested about.

1.Aduro U-GRIP PLUS Universal Bike, Motorcycle, Handlebar

The first best motorcycle phone mount is this Aduro U-Grip Plus. Iti s a universal phone mount which could be attached to the handlebar, and it then serves you very well with your phone during the riding. Again, the mount comes with universal grip, and it works well with most smartphone design available. Importantly, the mount is made nice as it could be easily used to mount and unmount the device. For its compatibility, as long as your handlebar is 1.5 inch for the diameter, it will fit well without a problem. Another feature is that it could be rotated up to 360 degree. This creates extra convenience for users. This phone mount could hold up to the phone with 5.5 inch screen. That is so lovely for the feature while it has the silicone band. This is to make things even more secure. This best motorcycle phone mount is really among the best.

2.Ram Mount Cradle Holder for Universal X-Grip Cellphone/iPhone

The second best motorcycle phone mount is this Ram Mount Cradle holder. This is one of the nice designs with very good quality you will be happy with. This mount comes with the smart design with four legs, and it ensures a good holding quality for your phone. Basically, there are foam pads as well as the plastic mount to grip your phone securely on the handlebar of your motorcycle. At the same time, the phone mount is found very durable and lasting as its materials are all the high quality ones. As well, this phone mount has a good compatibility. It works well with various smartphones available. However, it still is quite important that you check out the selected phone mount and the size your devices. This is to make sure everything is perfect. The last thing is its rust proof capability. That will keep the item well for lasting beauty.

3.#1 Motorcycle Phone Mount & FREE Cell Phone Lanyard

Also a very good one, this is the next motorcycle phone mount. This is another smart design of the product, and it has so much of the quality and feature to offer. First, this phone mount has a universal fit. That means it has an adjustable grip which works well with various devices. In that, it has a secured clamp. This is to ensure that it sits securely on the handlebar of the motorcycle as long as it has a diameter of about 1.5 inch. It even is good to clamp well on the car steering wheel. Another good thing about the best motorcycle phone mount is its flexible operation. It sticks securely to the handlebar, but its head could be rotated 360 degree for vertical and landscape view like you want. Likewise, it has an easy accessibility for the buttons. Though it is inside the mount, you still can access the buttons easily. Additionally, there is a phone lanyard added.


4.Floureon Universal Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder USB Charger for iPhone

The second last this is Floureon Universal phone mount holder. Coming with a beautiful look, this is another brilliant choice you could have to help you interact with your phone easily during your drive. The holder is actually very unique than many others available. In addition to its function as a holder, it has a USB charger with 5v charging port. That is more helpful in that case. For head and tilt, it comes with the two rolling balls. These balls allow for the 360 degree rotation. Once you reach out to adjust the position of the holder, you would feel smooth and comfortable by that flexibility. Another very nice feature is the automatic power off function. This is a safety feature in case the voltage exceed 30V. This is also an important quality built into this design. It is a perfect design for using with motorcycle, and though you are to speed, this phone mount will just stay there.

5.Cell Buckle – Motorcycle Phone Mount

The last best motorcycle phone mount is this Cell Buckle design. The mount has a smart structure which lets it work with various devices easily and without a problem. It can be attached to the handlebar of your bike, motorcycle, and more. In addition, the phone mount is a durable construction. It is well made, and high quality plastic is used to produce such a quality. In that, it includes the strong sturdiness it offers. The mount could hold your device securely while grip holds itself firmly to the handle bar. Though you are in a high speed of your drive, this is still going to stick well and protect your phone from falling for any reason. Another beautiful thing about the phone mount is the fact that it works with various devices at various screen size As its grip is adjustable. Many who have used this best phone mount love it and often bring it with.

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