Best Pool Vacuum Dead Reviews 2017 – Top 5

It needs a well made pool vacuum head to do a good pool cleaning. In this review, we are going to feature the top five best pool vacuum head designs for you to have a look. If you are to buy such an item, you would find the reviews below very helpful. They are among the very popular and high rated vacuum heads for pool cleaning. Either for the quality or the effectiveness, these pool vacuum heads are the best ones. At the same time, they are not so expensive to get some. Thus, we are confident that they worth a good consideration. As so, the following list is those 5 best pool vacuum head designs along with the brief descriptions and reviews you could have a look. They are certain differences but overall, the quality is all reliable. It might just take you 4 or 5 minutes, and you will find your favorite one.

1.Poolmaster 27514 Clear-View Triangular Vinyl Liner Vacuum

The one best pool vacuum head to see is this poolmaster vinyl liner vacuum. This design is quite brilliant for its service. For one reason, it works so well to effectively remove debris from any hidden areas such as the vinyl liner of the pools. As well, it features the translucent ABS which is for full view cleaning. Another good thing about the item is it has a good balance on the placement for floating resistant. This allows the cleaning to work out perfectly. Also, you will find the brushes are replaceable in case it is too old. In addition, this head has a width up to 11 inch. Having made big such is good thing for the pool cleaning. This pool vacuum head is made to work well with the vacuum hose and any standard pool pole. However, these are not included in this same package.

2.PoolSupplyTown Flexible Weighted Pool Vacuum Head

This next best pool vacuum head is the PoolSupplyTwon product. It is a professional design as the professional grade vacuum head, and it works brilliantly for the pool cleaning tasks. Simply, users can just connect this to the vacuum hose, he or she can start doing the cleaning task immediately. The hose needed should be 1.5 inch while this head is 14 x 7.5 inches. Another good thing about this pool vacuum head is the fact that it has a balance weight through the area of the head that would keep the same pressure of the floor. This allows a pool vacuum head to clean the floor better. For the integrated handle of the vacuum head, it is metal handle with chrome plated. The handle is made very easy for maneuverability. Lastly, it has a perfect wheel with balls to make the smooth move for the cleaning task of the pool.

3.Poolmaster 18510 Triangle Vinyl Liner Vacuum

The third best design is this Poolmaster triangle vinyl liner vacuum. This poolmaster vacuum head is among the very good ones that deserve the review for your consideration. For a good reason to consider this, it is the fact that this vacuum head could deal with debris forming at a small corner like in the vinyl liner of the pools. This proves that it can do a better job than many others. Another good thing is it is weighted. Whichever vacuum head that is not resistant to floating will create a difficulty for people to push it down to clean the floor. In addition, the perimeter brushes of this design is replaceable. In case it has been a long use, and you need a new one, you can just buy the brush and replace it. You do not need to buy the whole one again. That is another nice thing many have loved about this design. And of course, it needs more of the hose and pool pole to work. For this head, it will work with the standard hose and pool pole well. There is not a worry for that.

4.Pool Vacuum Head Half Moon

The fourth best pool vacuum head is this beautiful design. The pool head has been a well constructed design, and it comes with so many features to make sure it serves the cleaning of your pool for the best. With the help of this cleaning head, the cleaning tasks can be done easily, fast and conveniently. For one good reason about this design is it is weighted. That keeps you move the head and clean the floor well. As it is weighted, it is floating resistant. Even better, the head of this choice could go further and clean even at a small narrow area of the pool floor. For the head to work well for the cleaning, it would need the pole, and this head works fine with any standard pole you might already have. Likewise, as the construction of this pool vacuum head is quite strong, you can expect a good durability of the item.

5.Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief Vinyl Liner Vacuum – Classic Collection

The last one is also the Poolmaster item, but this one is another version and design of the pool vacuum head. There are many reasons why so many people have chosen this one. For the first thing, it is because the head could do a better job in cleaning the pool floor. It could also remove the debris from vinyl liner pools. For the construction of the vacuum head instead, it is a sturdy and well constructed one. Its body is made from ABS material at 13 inch wide. The weighted quality is also good. It keeps the head down to the floor which makes cleaning easy. Another smart feature is the adjustable valves. This is for suction control. Once the suction happens, you can just do the air relief feature, and it will get back to work again well. The head in addition works well with the standard hose and pole.

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