Best Portable Power Bank Reviews 2017- Top 5

Battery running out is a common problem we face everyday when there is a need for a long use of the mobile phones while the current battery capacity could not serve for the demand. However, the power bank could help that. You can charge your devices anywhere you want to. And, if to find a power bank, it is important to find a portable power bank. That would have a more portable design which lets you bring along with easier during your day or trip. Within our review and evaluation of so many best portable power bank designs, we come up with the following five for your consideration. These five have different capacity. However, the quality, durability, and designs of them are way better than many others. It will provide a better service for charging your devices on the go. You may scan through and see if which one you would like the most.

1.Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Candy bar-Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger

Our first recommendation falls to the Anker Astro portable charger. This is a compact power bank which has been very popular. Many people love it simply because it delivers them a great charging service. Particularly, this Anker Astro portable charger has a unique PowerIQ technology which is a cutting-edge advancement of the brand. That technology simply works to detect the different devices plugging in, and it allows for a faster charge with a speed up to 2 amps. This power bank, in addition, is a high capacity design, and it works with various devices. Its compatibility is just great. Talking about the look, it has a compact appearance which is easy to bring with. Should you are looking for an elegant and portable power bank to help recharge your devices on the go, this should be a worth considering one.

2.Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

This next best portable power bank is also the product from Anker. It, however, is a different version. This particular design is the PowerCore+ at a 3350mAh capacity performance. If it is a small portable power bank to have, you are good to go with this. Its size is simply at a lipstick size while it could help you gain make the power again during your day. This portable charger, additionally, could sever quite good when it comes to the charging speed. That should thank to its PowerIQ technology. On the other hand, its shape is quite compact while you can recharge it to full again within 3 or 4 hours. There is a USB cable added, and you should have no worries about that. Lastly, the power bank of this design is made to work well with various devices either they be the Android or iOS ones. This power bank is as well very affordable.

3.Portable Power Bank – 16,100 mAh

This is the third best portable power bank you may have a look. Coming at a high capacity, this power bank is found to be quite reliable. Its performance capacity is 16 100 mAH, and the Lithium-ion polymer batter is used. That lasts for many charges while it weighs extremely light. That is such a great feature in a power bank. And, at such a capacity, it could charge an iPhone 6 of up to 9.3 times. In the meantime, it features two ports which means you could charge two devices at once. As well, quite an important feature, the power bank of this design comes with the power overload protection. That makes everything much safer for users and the devices. The charging speed of this power bank is as well great. After all, it has 4 LED lights as the indicator you could check. That tells how much power is left to recharge your phones. 12 month warranty comes along.

4.Marvotek Portable Charger Phone Charger Power Bank

The fourth best power bank you will be interested in is this Marvotek. At a capacity of 10 000mAh, this portable charger is such a nice design to deal with phones suddenly running out of power on the go. With its being fully recharged, the power bank could charge other devices more than three times. It features two ports, and two devices then can be charged simultaneously. This is important as we have a lot of devices with these days especially during the trip. About the design, it is super concise and stylish as you might have seen above. It is attractive while being quite portable. The design and the performance of this power bank is just amazing, in short. That is why it has been a popular one, and many have given a good rate to it. For the convenient purpose, 4 LED lights are included. That would tell how much the power it has left to charge your devices.

5.Hysada 20000mAh Power Bank

Hysada power bank is the highest capacity one among all in this review list. Should you are looking for such the one, you may check this out seriously. This Hysada power bank is 20000mAH. It delivers fast charging by its smart technology, and it could charge a smartphone like Iphone 6s up to 7 times. That is brilliant to have, indeed. Also, it works well with different voltage outputs. Also extremely important, it has the safe circuit protection along with the 4 LED lights. The protection is to make sure users and the devices are safe at all time while the lights are indicators of the power left to charge. A lot better also than the rest is the fact that it has three USB ports. You then can plug in up to three devices at the same time to charge. Should you go somewhere in group, that would be a good portable power bank to have.


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