Best Selfie Stick Reviews 2017 – Top 5

Taking a selfie has become the most common thing in our everyday life when internet is everywhere, and social network has become a part of life. In that, many people are in need of the selfie stick to help them have a good shoot by themselves. In this, we are going to feature the top 5 best selfie stick designs for your consideration. These selfie sticks are among the best, the popular, and the affordable ones. Many have tried these, and they come up with good impression. They like the convenience served, and they love the durability of them. As a result, a good rate has been give. As of these along with the proven features and qualities, we are doubtless that they deserve the best recommendation. And, they are here below. You can go through all of them quickly to see which you love the most.

1.Mpow Selfie Stick, iSnap X Extendable Tripod

The first best selfie stick is the Mpow extendable tripod. This is a certified selfie stick as among the recognized Bluetooth accessories for mobile phones. The selfie stick of this design is just very attractive. It is a fashion in appearance while it delivers very good convenience for taking the selfie. The design comes with remote control, lasting battery, and you then can enjoy taking a lot of photos like you want without needing to ask anyone to do it for you. The stick, in addition, is simple and easy to use while it can be easily paired up with various smartphones. Its compatibility is great, in other words. Also, it has a rotatable heads which allows users to adjust and find the best angle they want to shoot the selfie. Its extendability is also smart. It could be adjusted between 7.1 inch to 31.5 inches. The wrist strap is included to make sure both safe from accidental drop.

2.Fugetek FT-568 Professional Selfie Stick

Second is the Fugetek selfie stick. This is another smart design coming with Bluetooth feature and remote control function. The operation is extremely easy for users to take their favorite selfie. This selfie stick is also among the most attractive designs you will find on the internet. It is built strong and looks just so stylish and elegant. The compatibility, in addition, is amazing. It works with android and iOS devices without a problem. Also very unique, this selfie stick has two phone mounts which can be exchanged. Both has a strong and secure grip to make sure the phone stay there and will be very safe. Likewise, you could adjust to holder to fit different devices you may have. Besides, a high quality plastic has been used to make this selfie stick. Thus, its durability is amazing you can rely on. The stick is lastly extendable. You may adjust to find your perfect distance.

3.TaoTronics Selfie Stick with Built-In Remote Shutter

TaoTronics Selfie stick is the third recommendation. Just like the rest of the list, this particular stick comes with so many features and have served for a good satisfaction among various users. Simply, one could capture their perfect moment when there is this stick to help. For one feature, this selfie stick has a universally fit grip. The grip is adjustable, strong and very secure. As a result, it works well with different devices of different screen sizes. The stick works with various phones through Bluetooth connection, and it can be easily paired. In that, it has the remote shutter to help you control the click from the distance. This is a part of a good convenience it serves. In addition, the stick of this design has a lasting battery so that users can enjoy their full day without worrying about the power running out. For the extendability, this design could go up to 31 inches. Even more, the holder could be rotated up to 270 degree.

4.Selfie Stick, Foxx Bluetooth Smart Phone Monopod

Fourth to come is the best selfie stick from Foxx. This is the latest design, and it comes with smart and cutting edge technology to operate. For a reason, this monopod has a good holder with good adjustment. That means it welcomes different devices at different screen sizes. The grip, in addition, is strong and secure with its rubber element. The Bluetooth function of the selfie stick is also great. It is paired easily and quickly with various smartphones, and it comes with the remote control to help. With all these features, one could take their selfie photo enjoyably. As well, it is so simple and easy to use with good comfort. For the design, it looks just amazing at a short length. That is also good for portability. However, if distance is needed, the stick can be extended up to 31.5 inches. After all, this will achieve a good stability and durability for your use.

5.TaoTronics Telescopic Monopod Mini Selfie Stick for Android and iOS Smartphone

The last best selfie stick is the TaoTronics Telescopic monopod. This design works extremely well for both Android and iOS device. It is just a plug and go operation. There is not a battery needed, and there is no Bluetooth functionality to exist while people can take their best selfie without a problem. The stick is also built to light while very small for good portability. The look of the stick is, indeed, among the best and most attractive. It is so unique and stylish. For the holder, it is adjustable for devices between 2.1 and 3.3 inches while the extendability of the length is between 6.7 inch and 23.7 inches. This is really a lovely selfie stick with ergonomic handle. In short, it is the design that deserves a good consideration. Many have been delightful having chosen it to go with. Even more, it is available at a reasonable price.

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