Kathy Ireland Net Worth


Kathy Ireland is one of the most successful American models and actresses who is worth about US$350 million. Not just a professional model, Kathy Ireland is also a very successful entrepreneur in the industry as well. In fact, she owns the majority shares of her very own “Kathy Ireland Worldwide” with the sales worth of about US$2 billion, thus making her one of the richest former models in the world. In regard to her model career, Kathy Ireland was greatly known for her appearance in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues for thirteen consecutive times. In addition, she also featured in many covers of Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Forbes and Mademoiselle. She has also involved in many social activities such as charities and nonprofit organizations whose main concentrations were on global women’s rights, education, justice and disease research and development. Kathy Ireland also won “The Greatest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover of All Time” by its publisher, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

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