The Best Body Camera in Review 2017

For some reasons, you might need a wearable camera on your clothes when you are out. Finding one of them is not hard for the moment. Many best body camera options are available at a good affordable price. In case you are serious about finding one, this listing might help you. It has featured top and very popular body camera reviews for you.

10.UAW NEW Hd 1080p Infrared Night Vision Police Body Camera Security Ir Cam


Made specially for police, this is the UAW Body camera with HD 1080 recording capacity with night vision as an extra feature. For one good reason, this body camera can record videos at a wide angle. You would simply see a wide scene for this. In darkness, this camera could record well up to within 30 feets. It operates by the battery, and it could run up to 6.5 hours recording.

9.Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10 Mini handsfree actionCam with wireless remote and 4 GB Memory


Another model you might also be interested to consider is the Veho ActionCam. It comes with the 4 GB memory, and you can record HD videos with this at times you want. Also, for its rechargeable battery, it allows you to record up to 4 hours each time fully charged. Moreover, it has many other features which are made for convenient control of this camera. This is really a high quality body camera to see.

8.Veho VCC-003-MUVI-PRO MUVI Micro Digital Camcorder for Security


Another Veho design is this Micro camcorder which could be used with great help for the security reason. This is a wearable body camera with good quality to check if you are to find one. Besides the 4 GB memory inclusion, the package includes USB cable, mounting clip and more for your convenient use. Importantly, this camcorder has brilliant features such as the voice activated control which helps a lot when you want to record. For the recording period, it can do up to 90 minutes.

7.Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera


Primos Truth Camera is also worth checking. Available at an affordable price, this body camera has recognized quality as well as durability. Additionally, it could record very good quality videos as you may need. Even better, you can use this camera to record day and night as it is equipped with the 35-infrared LED feature. Also, it has a wide screen for convenient use while it supports up to 8 GB memory.

6.Conbrov Hd88 Mini Digital Pocket Video Camcorder Security Wearable Camera Recorder


Designed smart with just one touch to record, this Conbrov camcorder could let you record up to 5 hours without stopping. Also, if you need to store many videos, you may need a 32GB memory. The camera supports the capacity very well. Another good feature is the fact that this camera can record videos at a 75 degree angle. For the battery, it is rechargeable as you will need it too.

5.Conbrov (Tm) Hd90 Mini Pocket Time Lapse Video Camcorder Security Wearable Camera Recorder


This is also from the Conbrov brand. However, it has been built with even better capacity. For one feature, it could record up to 8 hours of the recording time while the slots are two to welcome your MicroSD card. Password protection is another feature you can set up to protect your settings. Lastly, this camera can record the videos at 120 degree wide angle.

4.Veho VCC-005-MUVI-NPNG MUVI HD Mini Handsfree ActionCam


Made just as a body camera, this Veho Handsfree actionCam can record at a 170 degree wide angle. This should be wide enough to record for you. For the video quality, it works at a 5 MP HD quality with resolution 1290 x 1080. This camera could be easily clipped to many parts of your body such as the helmet, helmet strap and more. You can actually use it with the tripod mount if you need too.

3.Looxcie LX2 Wearable Video Cam for iPhone and Android


Instead for this next wearable camera, it is made for use with Iphone and Smartphone with Android. The instant clip recorded could be shared easily to facebook or twitter. For the recording time, you can do it up to 5 hours with this smart designed camera. Moreover, you would find it so light that it will not disturb you.

2.Smith & Wesson SWW-LC-PD99 Micro Camera with 4-Gigabyte Memory Card


Best for recording and capturing on the go, this is the Micro camera from Smith and Wesson. Supporting well with 4GB memory, this camera comes at a small size which fits your palm without a question. For the quality, videos at 2MP is its ability. For the use, you could clip it to many places on your body such as your shirt or pocket.

1.Vievu2 Body Worn Camera


For the Vievu2, it is completely wearable. It could record at a high quality videos, and it can do up to 1.5 hours of recording without a pause needing. At the same time, this camera can be used with the connection to smartphones while its app is free to download if you may need. For the recordable area, less than 2 squares is best for the recording with this body worn camera.

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