The Best Digital Photo Frame in Review 2017

Picture worth a thousand words, and your photos worth million memories. That is why many people often hang their photos on their walls. That is a good decoration, and it reminds them of good time family is having together. However, with the digital photo frame, it is a lot easier now. You can just get the best digital photo frame, and you could store many pictures as well as synchronize it to work with internet so that you could control your slide show photo very conveniently. Even better, many of the best photo frames are not too expensive. The list of those below are the ones you could consider to order.

10. Sylvania SDPF1089


Sylvania SDPF1089 is the digital photo frame which is built with the 7-inch display size. Made of stainless steel, it is durable and rust-resistant. With high technology, it can display images via MMC card, USB, and SD. Furthermore, it is able to rotate automatically and your photo can be viewed in vertical or horizontal direction. In addition, clock and calendar patterns are included for your convenience. Finally, the viewing screen can be split into 4 parts for various photos displayed on the screen.

09. Sylvania SDPF7977


This mode of Sylvania digital photo frame is designed perfectly to allow you to view your beautiful photos in both directions, horizontal and vertical. The images can be displayed through SD, SDHC, USB or MMC card. In addition, the clock and calendar mode are added for versatility. The screen can be viewed in four separate photos at the same times. Last but not least, made of stainless steel, this product looks strong and elegant on your desk.

08. Sungale PF709


Sungale PF709 feature USB port and SD/SDHC card slot to enable you to view the images via various external devices with ease. With high technology, it allows you to display the photos in slideshow or single pattern. To enable you to arrange your photos easily before display, the file manager function is added as well. Plus, this 7-inch frame is stainless steel construction with black finish.

07. Micca M1503Z


Micca M1503Z is amazing photo frame which allows you to play video and music easily. The speaker and headphone built-in are provided for perfect sound output. Furthermore, the screen is clearer three times than the standard one, so you will enjoy viewing your photos or video with vibrant colors and high-quality images. This product designed sleekly and stylishly with the thickness less than 1.5 inches. Finally, this product is installed in just seconds without any set-up or software requirement.

06. Coby DP730


Coby DP730 is built with 7-inch TFT LCD screen which is the latest standard one. The frame is made of stainless steel with black finish for chic outlook. Furthermore, it comes with detachable stand for convenient view. Additionally, this product is compatible with SD and MS card, and USB. It is versatile product including clock and calendar. Finally, the photo slide show mode is added with nice music playing at the same time, so you will enjoy recalling your sweet memories happily.

05. Aluratek ADPF08SF


This product of Aluratek is able to view the photo at 800 by 600 resolutions with vibrant color. The frame is made of top-grade materials for durability and rust resistance. Furthermore, its stand is adjustable in vertical or horizontal position. You can view not only the single photo but also the slideshow for more convenience. Last but not least, it is able to support SD and SDHC card format.

04. Nixplay Photo Frame


Nixplay photo frame can be connected with wireless, and this versatile product is able to get the photos via email, iPhone or Android application with ease. With Nixplay cloud storage, you can view your photos in Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox. In addition, one Nixplay account can be stored up to 10 GB and importantly it can connect with up to 5 photo frames at the same time, so you are able to share photos with your family anywhere and anytime. Besides, the screen is anti-glare LED with rubberized surface finish for elegant outlook and clear view. Finally, you can also enjoy video showing with premium audio built-in.

03. Pix-Star Photo Frame


Pix-Star frame photo is constructed with 10.4 inches size for clear watching. The screen display comes with low LED light to avoid too much brightness which can risk your eyes. Plus, it can access photo via internet, USB stick, SDHC/SDXC cards. By using the frame, you can receive the images directly from email or sending back the images from photo frames to emails. Finally, you are also able to view images from online providers like Facebook, Instagram and so forth.

02. ViewSonic VFD820-70


ViewSonic VFD820-70 is able to view high-resolution 800 by 600 image quality. It comes with LED backlight for more clarity. The screen is 8 inches which is the standard size for convenient viewing. Moreover, it can support many image file including JPG. Calendar and clock features are also provided. In addition, auto on/off mode is designed ergonomically with light sensor for more convenience.

01. NIX X08D


This best-selling product of NIX is able to view the image with 800 by 600 resolutions. It also support JPEG file of photo and MPEG4 or AVI video format. Plus, it comes with HU-Motion sensor for fast and easy control. This product is easy to use by just plugging your USB or SDHC/SD card and then the photos will be displayed immediately. Finally, it comes with one-year warranty to reassure its high quality.

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