The Best Medical Walkers in Review 2017

For patients who need to learn and get back to walking or for elders, the best medical walkers are necessary. Do not worry about finding the best designed ones with high quality. Our team has done the search for you, and we have 10 best of them to recommend you. These best medical walkers are not only great to help you walk, they are durable, affordable, and come with smooth rollers. Still, they are designed differently. To pick up your favorite one, you can look around below.

10. SportWalker EZ walker from Top Glides


Top Glides medical walker is designed with trigger release feature which makes you walk safer on any tough and uneven surfaces. Moreover, the handle is equipped with padded grip which is soft and non-slip to help you hold comfortably. In addition, it is attached with big 5-inch rubber wheels to allow you to move conveniently. Besides, the height is adjustable from 32 to 39 inches. Finally, it is engineered perfectly for people with lower hand strength.

09. NOVA Medical Products 4202 Walker


NOVA Medical Products walker can be used indoor and outdoor easily because it is constructed with all high-quality materials and advanced-technology features. It comes with large padded seat for your high comfort. Basket is provided for easy access and it can be removed anytime you want. The hand grip is designed anatomically so you will control the walker effectively. Furthermore, the hand brake is equipped near handgrip for on-time stop. It is lightweight and compact, so this product is folded fast and easily for lifting out and in the car in just seconds.

08. Drive Medical Hemi One Arm Walker


This mode of Drive Medical walker is built uniquely with one hand or arm use for other improving step of physiotherapy. Importantly, it is aluminum construction with chrome finish for durability, but it is very lightweight to help you walk properly without quick fatigue. Moreover, it is foldable and can take on the go with ease. It comes with the size of 16-inch length, 18.5-inch width, and adjustable height from 28.5 to 38.5 inches. This product is suitable for people who do not really need walker but only just wider base.

07. Drive Medical Folding Walker


Drive medical walker comes with contoured hand grip which is soft and slip-proof to ensure high comfort and safety. It is equipped with rear glide caps and glide cover to allow you walk on every surface with high stability. In addition, it is designed with trigger release function which enables users to walk closely to the walker so it is suitable for people with finger dexterity problem or low hand strength. Finally, it is aluminum construction with 1-inch diameter for durability and strength.

06. DMI Silver walker from Duro-Med


Duro-Med walker is constructed with top-grade aluminum for strength and attractive silver outlook. This lightweight product can support up to 250 pounds. Furthermore, the height can be adjusted from 32 to 38 inches in one inch increment for convenient adjustment. It comes with 5-inch front wheels glide which is able to move on most types of surfaces. The rubber tips are included to prevent slip and keep you walker stable. Last but not least, it can be folded to only 4-inch width for easy storage and portability.

05. Deluxe Walker from Drive Medical


Another mode of Drive Medical is engineered with two premier wheels to enable you walk easier and quicker, so step by step you will walk independently and stably without this additional walker needed. Importantly, each side moves separately, so you can walk with better balance in the narrow space. In addition, the hand grip is attached with contoured vinyl for easy and non-slip grip. Finally, the rear glide cap attached allows you to move or slide smoothly on many surfaces.

04. Hugo Rollator Walker from Hugo Mobility


Hugo Rollator Walker is constructed with all necessary features including backrest, storage bag, and so forth. The handle bar height is adjusted, so you can place your hand at any comfortable height; moreover, it comes with soft padded grip, and fast brake access. Due to the tool-free assembly it is easy to fold and fits into most car trunks for convenient taking on the go. Finally, the 8-inch wheels will be able to help you move with confidence and safety.

03. Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker


Drive Medical rollator walker comes with the padded seat which provides you the maximum softness and comfort. Moreover, the zippered pouch is included under seat to help you store and access to your personal item fast and easily. Besides, the removable backrest can be folded up or down for easy cleaning. The handle is adjustable and it features non-slip grip. Importantly, it comes with loop locks and brake to help you stay firmly with high confidence of safety. Finally, the height can be adjusted from 33 to 38 inches.

02. Hugo Elite Rollator Walker from Hugo Mobility


Hugo Mobility walker features adjustable padded seat equipped with backrest which is suitable for disabled and old people to move and relax. A bag is added underneath seat for easy and secure storage. Moreover, the handle bars are designed for comfortable posture and enable you to access the brake fast. It comes with large 8-inch wheels that enhance stability and smooth mobility. It can be folded conveniently and placed in most car trunks. Finally, this product can support up to 300 lbs. of adults weight and strength.

01. Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator Walker

Best Medical Walkers

This product of Drive Medical is built for the blend of safety, durability, and comfort. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel to support up to 300 lbs. In addition, it comes with 7.5-inch casters plus loop-locks feature for firm stay when seated. Plus, the seat is padded and equipped with backrest and armrest to enable users sit comfortably. Finally, a basket is provided to allow you store your items properly.

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