The Best Portable Tire Inflator in Review 2017

It is better to own a portable tire inflator at home. Since flat tire might cause you time and budget, an immediate solution can be found with a purchase of tire inflator. The varieties of such tool also operate different pump-up powers. You might read the Best Portable Tire Inflator reviews below before you decide to buy the real one.

10. Bell Automotive 22-1-39000-8 Pistol Grip Tire Inflator


This is Pistol Grip Tire Inflator which is a creative design to give close and firm grip for inflating. While gripping this pistol inflator, one notable feature is the front dial pressure gauge which also includes led light. This gauge allows users to know the amount of filled air easily. Usually, this inflator can fill the tire using only five minutes. Its works needs 12 volts from a connecting power cord that can be extended to 10 foot. Likewise, this pistol-like inflator also has a twist-on nozzle mode.

9. Master Flow MF-1040 Cyclone High Volume Portable Air Compressor


Some tire inflator like MF-1040 can do a perfect work. Normally, this air compressor uses 12 volts to push air from its hose. It does not need specific tire but other things that need air can be used with this type. It can serve a full air compression with 30 liters in a minute. This product can be the most useful tool that should be kept for immediate use. Most importantly, it has a long coil hose, pressure gauge on the top, and a designed nozzle. If you buy this inflator today, you will receive a bag to keep it.

8. Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator


Goodyear i8000 does not cause annoying sound while filling up a tire. This is a new technology by using 120 volts. You can connect any socket for power. Moreover, this inflator has an adaptor to use with other sporting equipment. It normally spends only two minutes at most to fill the air from 0 to 28 PSI. Other features include one-feet air hose made from rubber, 17-feet PVC air hose, and 6-feet connecting cord. Not many inflators have a handle for you to grip while you are inflating tires like this one.

7. Slime COMP02 12-Volt Tire Inflator


First impressive thing about ComP02 is its being small. This inflator, however, uses only 12 volt to inflate 100 PSI. This amount of used volt might spend up to 8 minutes to complete the medium car’s size with full air. However, the great feature from this model is the monthly care check-up for your tires. Slime ComP02 is very popular in offering great care to tires. This small tool also has inflatable adapters. Check its price and more information from it.

6. Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station 12-Volt or 120-Volt Inflator


This is a powerful ASI300 that needs 12 volt to operate tire inflating. This tool is actually designed to fit all kinds of things that need inflating. And it is easy to use, even a small child also know how to do it when s/he uses it. The great feature of it is the auto turn-off if you are inflating a tire reaching the air pressure. This tool is only 6.1 pounds, and it is easy to carry with. Buying this tire inflator today will be provided with two-year warranty.

5. High Pressure Air Compressor


This is another small tire inflator that has a silver-color design. Although it is small, it can inflate a tire up to 40 PSI. Its extendable power cord reaches 2.5 meters, and it is attached to a 55-centimeter hose. Moreover, this air compressor is provided with additional two inflation adapters. The pressure gauge is put on the top making it easy for you track down the pressure. With a big on and off button, this model looks extraordinary in silver design.

4. LifeLine AAA 300 PSI 12 Volt DC Air Compressor


LifeLine AAA 300 gets its name because it is able to inflate a tire up to 300 PSI. The connecting hose requires 12 volts to operate tire inflating. Exactly, this model has a very long power cable of 10 foot. Moreover, the pressure gauge is well designed with big screen to allow clear sight of pressure. There are three nozzle adaptors provided within this model. This air compressor looks very simple, but its 300 PSI is not exaggerated.

3. VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor


Exactly, you might not have idea what this tool looks like, but when you see the pressure gauge from above, you will notice that it is an air compressor. This model creates an accurate inflating work with 12 volts because there is an assisting power outlet to transfer power to the inflator. Likewise, the big pressure gauge is made for clear pressure sight, with led lights to ease you in dark time. However, you must make sure that the engine is running when you use it.

2. Kensun D1002 AC Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator


The best performance to emit 11 liters of air in a minute is Kensun D1002. This model is able to pump up to 40 PSI by using 12 volts. It is designed with a 55-centimeter hose made from rubber and a 3-meter power cable. There is no discrimination to any tire from car, truck, bike, or caravan. This tool will just fill up all of them. Don’t miss the opportunity of buying such product that received the top rated review.

1. Slime 40022 12-Volt Digital Tire Inflator

Best Portable Tire Inflator

Slime 40022 is an air compressor that can inflate a normal medium car tire using only six minutes. Notably, it is equipped with a shut-off technology when detecting the correct pressure. Likewise, this tool can operate inflating work up to 35 PSI by using 12 volts. Its designed pressure gauge has a led light that makes the pressure easily seen at night. Oh, of course it is actually a digital inflator to replace the traditional pressure gauge.

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