The Best Thule Cargo Box in Review 2017

When it comes to needing the cargo box, you might think of which brand that is popular and will have the best product for you. According to our search, Thule is one of them you can trust, and many of their products are extremely good in quality and design. That is why in this article, we have picked up the 10 best Thule Cargo Box products to review for your check. They would look great on top of your car, at the same time.

10. Thule 633 Sonic Alpine


Thule 633 Sonic Alpine is designed in aero nose shape that is able to cut through the air and reduce drag and noise perfectly. The base is constructed with patented rear-angled feature, so you can mount this product easily with trunk and hatch clearance maximized. It also comes with Acu mounting option to keep your box secured and closed to the rack. Furthermore, the lock is oversized to make sure that the box is closed carefully before driving. For your convenience, it enables to open from either side of vehicle for loading and unloading.

09. Thule 612 Hyper Rack


Thule 612 Hyper Rack comes in aerodynamic shape that is the best feature for mounting on the roof. Lid and base is very thick to keep your items safe. Importantly, the base is rear-angled and designed with extra mounting points to work with trunk and hatch clearance perfectly. To keep your box stay secure to the rack, the Acu Tight Mounting clip is provided. Finally, it is equipped with light built-in light to ensure your comfort for loading and unloading during nighttime.

08. Thule 605 Ascent 1700 Cargo Box


Thule 605 cargo box can carry up to 17 cubic feet, approximately 110 lbs. It is designed with quick-grip mounting system that allows you to install and remove with ease. Due to its special design, you can access the items in the box from both sides. In addition, it can mount to most types of racks. Finally, the aerodynamic design is perfect for roof mounting for greater wind resistance, fuel saving, and quieter travel.

07. Thule Atlantis Series Cargo Box


Another mode of well-known Thule product is designed perfectly to open in both sides for convenient loading. Additionally, the quick-grip mounting system is provided for fast and tool-free installation without any complicated process required. This product is built with black pebble finish for elegant outlook and durability. Furthermore, the base is designed ergonomically to fit with any types of racks. Finally, its carry capacity is able to support up to 16 cubic feet.

06. Thule 634 Sonic Medium Cargo Box


Thule 634 cargo box comes with two vibrant finishes for your preference: metallic silver and high-gloss automotive black. It can be opened in dual sides for your convenience. In addition, the base is designed carefully with AcuTight mounting knobs to attach with most tracks. With the dimension of 72-inch length, 34-inch width, and 16-inch height, this product provides up to 13-cubic feet storage capacity.

05. Thule Atlantis Rooftop Cargo Box


Thule Atlantis box is able to provide up to 21 cubic feet storage space. It is designed perfectly to fit with any style of racks. Besides, it comes with lid stiffeners and struts that enable you to open and close the box with ease even using one hand. Moreover, the mounting system is quick-grip that allows you to install and remove fast. It comes in black finish to fit with most car colors.

04. Thule 665C Transporter Combi Cargo Box


Thule 665C Transporter cargo box can provide up to 13 cubic foot storage space. The box can tilt down the rear of vehicle when it is empty for easy access. Plus, it comes with pre-wired tail lights that will enable you to load your items during nighttime easily. In addition, the license plate adapter is added at the rear of the box for clear visibility. Finally, if you are finding cargo box for taking on the go, this product is recommended due to easy mounting feature and durability.

03. Thule Pulse Cargo Box


Thule Pulse cargo box is constructed with rugged ABS materials for longevity and protection. It is designed with easy-grip mounting that enable you to attach the box to the rack easily and fast. The lock is equipped to make sure that your items are kept safely. To ensure high safety, this product can be opened in single side only. Finally, aerodynamic design allows you to place the box on the top roof perfectly since it will cut the air without drag and noise.

02. Thule 682 Sidekick Cargo Box


Thule 682 sidekick cargo box is able to provide up to 8 cubic feet of storage capacity, so with this box you should stop worry about heavy loads while on the go. This product is designed perfectly for storing golf clubs and camping gear. It can be opened from side for high comfort and convenience. Furthermore, it can attach to most rack types. With the dimension of 54-inch width, 15.5-inch height, and 25-inch diameter, it is also designed in aerodynamic shape that helps cut through the air.

01. Thule Force Cargo Box


Thule Force cargo box features the quick-grip mounting system that helps you to attach the box to the rack fast and easily in just few minutes without any tools or complicated process required. In addition, it is equipped with long-lasting diamond-textured aero-skin lid. It can be opened from dual size of your vehicle for easy loading and unloading. Finally, it comes with oversized lock to make sure that the box is closed properly and securely.

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