The Best Travel Trailer Covers in Review 2017

Of course, to take care of your travel trailer well, you need a good cover for it. Thus, it could stand again rain and sunlight better. Actually, quite a lot of the covers are available. It is not at all difficult to find. However, the problem is with which one to choose. To answer to the question, we have collected and reviewed these best travel trailer covers for you to see. They should be extremely satisfied for you and your travel trailer.

10. Leader Accessories Travel trailer RV cover


Leader Accessories Travel trailer RV cover is constructed with 3-layer polypropylene top fabric for high breathability and protection from water, sunlight, and snow. It is designed with reflective panels, which is able to add high safety while parking, or at night. It comes with air vents feature that will eliminate wind lofting and take the moisture out. Besides, it can ensure great fit because it is constructed with reinforced corners, and elasticized hem to prevent your cover from tearing. Finally, this product will be backed with two-year warranty.

09. Duck Covers RVTT330 Travel Trailer Cover


Duck Covers RVTT330 is constructed with air vent system to reduce wind stress. It is constructed with waterproof, UV protection, and breathable materials for maximum protection. Moreover, this product is quick drying, which can reduce mildew. In addition, it comes with elasticized corners, and the front and rear panels are all adjustable, so it will fit with your vehicles properly. It is also equipped with long zipper pulls, so you can use it conveniently without ladder needed. Finally, the toss bag is included for easy storage.

08. Vortex Deluxe Travel Trailer Covers


Vortex travel trailer covers is constructed with top-grade polypropylene fabric, which is waterproof, and sunlight resistant. This product is breathable and it comes with air vent system for quick drying and mildew prevention. In addition, it is designed ergonomically for easy installation and removal in just few seconds. Finally, it is attached with full-height zippered panel that can allow you to access to the door conveniently.

07. Komo TTCS-3033 Travel Trailer


Komo TTCS-3033 cover is built perfectly with sturdy woven fabric for the top roof and non-woven at sides. It comes with air vent technology for breathability, and quick drying. Besides, the draw cords are provided for tight fit. The zippered panels are equipped at each side of the cover to let access to the door and engine compartment with ease. Finally, the bag is included for easy storage and portability.

06. ADCO 34844 Travel Trailer Cover


ADCO 34844 travel trailer cover is designed with slip-seam strapping system at the bottom and top of the cover for perfect snug and custom fit outlook. Its strong and firm stand can resist with wind effectively. The top panel is Tyvek RV that will reflect sunlight, and the side is designed with polypropylene for high protection. Lapper cap is able to reduce wear over ladder area for high safety. Last but not least, you will be offered 3-year warranty.

05. Classic Accessories 80-139-191001-00 Cover Travel Trailer


Classic Accessories travel trailer comes with zippered panel that can allow you to access to the doors and storage compartment with ease. Moreover, the tension panels are added to reduce cover stress. Its length is up to 118 inches from ground to roof. Additionally, storage bag unzipped can be expanded to provide five additional inches of height for maximum storage space. Finally, it comes with limited lifetime warranty.

04. Traveler by Eevelle Travel Trailer Cover


This travel trailer cover is designed with rugged material that can resist with UV, water, and mildew. The bottom corner is elastic for easy installation and quick release. With standard dimension of 366-inch length, 102-width, and 104-inch height, it is able to cover your vehicle or container perfectly. Finally, the storage bag is included for your convenience. Last but not least, this product will be backed with one-year industries limited warranty.

03. Expedition by Eevelle Travel Trailer Cover


Expedition by Eevelle Travel Trailer Cover is designed with plenty of zippered panels which allow you to access from front, back and sides. It is made of premium fabric for high durability. It is able to protect your items from UV, water, and mildew. Moreover, the material is also breathable and ensures air-venting system. Finally, the storage bag and ladder cap are included for your convenience and safety.

02. Classic Accessories 73363 Travel Trailer Cover


Classic Accessories 73363 trailer cover comes with adjustable tension panels and elastic hem corner to ensure firm fit. It comes with zippered panels that can allow you to access the door and engine compartment easily. It measures about 118 inches from ground to roof for high protection. Additionally, the integrated rope attachment system is added for high safety. Finally, the ladder caps are provided.

01. ADCO 52244 Travel Trailer RV Cover

Best Travel Trailer Covers

ADCO 52244 travel trailer cover is waterproof and breathable. It is designed with SFS AquaSheld that is suitable for temporary storage. For high safety, front and rear compartment is equipped with buckle system and the bottom part is mounted with strap and buckle as well. The front corners are reinforced, and tie down is weighted for easy and fast installation and release. Finally, this cover is designed with swirl mode.

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